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Reliable Roof Repair & Replacement

The roof of your home or business is quite durable, but it still needs proper maintenance and repairs from time to time. Having a professional roofer come and inspect your roof can give you a good idea of its current condition. With proper inspections and maintenance, you may be able to repair certain parts of your roof before damage becomes too far spread and requires an entire re-roof.

When Do You Need Repairs?

Standard roofing usually starts to show signs that it needs repairs long before a total re-install is required. If you don’t know what your roof looks like, it’s probably time to call on Oswego Roofing to have a look. You likely need repairs if:

  • Any shingles are missing 
  • Shingles are curling, buckling, or missed granules
  • There are discolored steaks 
  • Moss is growing 
  • Your roof is over 20 years old 

Even when your roof simply looks aged to you, it’s probably time to get an inspection and consider repairs.

Should I Hire Professionals for the Job?  Or Do it Myself? 

If your roof is too high or too steep, or just don’t want to do the repair yourself, call a roofing repair specialist such as Oswego Roofing. Your roof needs to be able to withstand the unique weather challenges of the pacific northwest, in addition to meeting code requirements to keep your home or business properly protected. Oswego Roofing understands how to properly install shingles, as well as asphalt, TPO, and metal roofing. We also have a keen eye for spotting areas that are in need of fixing. We can perform an inspection for you to get your roof in excellent condition once again.

Contact Us Today! 

While your roof is designed to last a long time, weather and age will likely cause the need for roof repairs at some point. Keep an eye on your roof, and if you suspect that it’s time for an inspection and roof repairs, call on Oswego Roofing at 503-636-7663. You can also schedule a quote by filling out our request form.